Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pilihan Raya Kampus....UTP

Assalamualaikum & greetings.

SRCUTP campus election is around the corner. Please take note that there are 11 General Constitution Candidates and 9 Program Constitution Candidates competing for the MPPUTP portfolios.

Name: Awangku Alizul Azahari bin Awangku Matali
Batch: JAN '06
Remember *CANDIDATE NO. !)* !
Vote #1!

Date: 29th October 2008 (Wednesday)
Venue: All village cafes (respective villages)
Requirement: Matrix Card (for those who have lost it, please get a temporary slip issued by the security dept)

There are 3 candidates for PE
1. Awangku Alizul Azahari (2nd Year 2nd Sem)
2. Hafiz (2nd Year 1st sem)
3. Ron Fernandez (1st Year 2nd Sem)
You're allowed to vote for 2 person out of 3, please choose wisely. If u think im the one who can lead P.E. students, do vote for me, candidates no.1

*******Please keep forwarding this msg, tq!**********

ini merupakan mesej yg ditujukan kepada warga PE di UTP....

slamat berpilihan raya kampus buat warga kampus.....

ana menzahirkan sokongan kepada sahabat ana saudara awangku alizul dan azahari...

ya Allah..permudahkanlah....

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